Spiritual Growth

August Sermon Schedule
“How to Be Spiritual without Being Religious”

8/7 “The Battle Within” Romans 6:15-18, 7:15, 21-25, 8:9
8/14 Pastor Mary and Kristen Young
8/21 HI2NYE Youth Reflection
8/28 “Does Everything Happen for a Reason?” Romans 8:28

Spiritual Life Opportunities:
Creation, Creativity, and the Holy Spirit

“In the beginning, God created. The Holy Spirit flowed over the waters and God was inspired to create. It is a very part of who God is. We were each created in God’s image, so we too are inspired to create when the Holy Spirit flows over us.”

8/7: “Street Beats: God Speaking Through Music” Class with Richy Lau (Rms 4-6)
8/14: “Reading the Bible for All It’s Worth” with Pastor Mary (Rms 4-6)
8/21: No Classes
8/28: “Operation Puzzle Patterns” Art Class with Jonny Fong (Rms 4-6)

Please sign up for classes after service on Sundays or in the church office so that we make sure to have enough supplies!