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Precious Legacies
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Article for the Precious Legacies Project
by Rev. Ron Ching
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I have been asked many times and in many different ways, "Ron, of all the churches you've served, do you have a favorite?"

Without hesitation, I say, "UCC-Judd is one of my two top favorites."

There were 3 periods when I served UCC-Judd:

  • 1966-1967 - DCE and Assistant Minister to Rev. Harold Jow
  • 1995 and 1996 - Intentional Interim Minister
  • 2011 (June 1-August 15) - Intentional Interim Minister

Please forgive this aging minister, now 77, if dates and names need correction, are left out, etc.)

The First Years 1966-1967
I was in my senior year at Fuller Theological Seminary and was considering applying for additional postgraduate work at Stanford in Chinese when a letter came from the Rev. Harold Jow asking if I would consider the position of Director of Christian Education (DCE) at UCC-Judd. I think I replied that I would be more excited about accepting the position if it was called "Assistant Minister" with responsibilities for the Christian Education ministry of the church, and I believe he replied in the affirmative. I think I began my ministry with you in July 1966. My little office was just off the parking lot in the old MacKenzie mansion, and next to the church office where Helen Lai served as the church's secretary.

The youth and I seemed to connect almost immediately. I remember one afternoon after school was out, these teens Cynthia S.N., Cynthia M.H., Alison, and Stephanie shyly peering at me from the church office and when I motioned them to come on in (to my office), they jumped at the chance. There were the Ching brothers, Dennis and Gary, who on some mornings and evenings popped into our home at the top of 6th Avenue to say hello, other young men like Earl Hirai, Richard Young, among others.

It was at the church that I was ordained into the Christian ministry in November of 1966. It was a proud moment.

In 1967 I was called to be the senior minister of Kaimuki Evangelical Church. I accepted the call with mixed feelings. There was a sadness in leaving because you had loved me, Betty and our little Darlene so beautifully. When I was installed as KEC's new pastor, Dr. Leonard Fong (UCC's moderator at the time) and several of you were in attendance to wish me well. I served KEC for 18 years until 1985.

Our Second Years 1995 and 1996
You called me to serve you as your Intentional Interim Minister while you searched for a new installed pastor. In those years I introduced in the Sunday worship Prayers for Healing. It started with the invitation to step into the center aisle and I would come to anoint with oil. So many of you eagerly responded that the center aisle became too crowded for me to pass through I eventually invited all to just come forward to stand at the chancel for the anointing.

It was during those years that because of many requests, we began printing copies of the sermons. Many of you have told me that you still have those copies and that they still have meaning for you after all these years.

We went golfing, M.H. challenged me to do a male hula at a luncheon—craziness came to the fore once more.

We were fortunate to have the Rev.Jow come for a visit while he was on his way to China. What a man of God!

It was in those years that I invited the church to become more intentional about sharing the Good News of Christ at the famous annual Luau in simple ways, e.g., a tract, etc. I think I made the suggestion to deliver complimentary luau dinners to our shut-ins.

I also introduced my famous fried rice on New Years Sunday 1996.

And I'll never forget the goodbye party at the old Yong Sing Restaurant on Alake`a Street. And the quilt of memories.

Our Third Period Together: June - August 2011
This was a very short interim, the few months before the Rev. Darren Galindo was to take office as pastor in August. Because of break-ins and some violence at churches around the island, it became my concern that UCC-Judd which has a large and wide-open campus, needed to have a system of security and safety for its employees on weekdays. Walkie-talkies were one means. Also a plan to have in place for any natural disaster which may hit including hurricanes or earthquakes.

I also began introducing multimedia into the Sunday worship which continues to this day. Our brains tend to process information better when our visual and auditory senses are more fully engaged.

There was for me a greater sense of the passing of years and now many that were active in 1995 and 1996 were now home with the Lord. And aging can also bring on those diseases and illnesses we all fear for ourselves or our loved ones such as dementia and Alzheimers. Once active in the church's life, that energy is now in the caregiving of a beloved spouse or a parent. Retirement years can be very difficult years. All churches need to be creative dealing with these health issues that impact so many.

You are a large part of my life and ministry. You trusted and allowed me to be creative and to teach you on many levels, i.e., how to relate to your pastor, how to communicate and solve conflicts, how to have fun as well. Thank you for being in my life.

I would love to have you share with me and others your memories of our time together.


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