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April Showers: A Celebration oF a Youthful Attitude

Congratulations to the 27 members and Ohana family members who are 90+ years old who joined us for our April Showers Celebration of a Youthful Attitude on Sunday, April 26. Our special guests were honored with a lei and an embroidered gift towel with our 100th Anniversary logo. Popo Muriel Char, who is over 100-years old, personally presented yarn leis that she made for our special guests. The Men’s T did a special rendition of “April Showers” by Al Jolson, which was popular in the 1920’s about the time that our honorees were born. Everyone was given a “double peach” gold pin to wear to celebrate longevity.

A short program followed the service when a special portrait was taken of our honorees, a hana hou (one more time) performance of “April Showers” by the Men’s T, and the “Wan Sui” cheers from the congregation to the honorees and from the honorees to the congregation. Wan Sui is translated as “ten thousand years” in Chinese. The cheer is given to wish ten thousand years of long life to the recipient. A luncheon followed with a menu of special foods which symbolize longevity, wealth, abundance, and family harmony. Everyone was encouraged to take home an orange, the Chinese symbol for good luck.

The following is a list of the 54 members of the church and the family Ohana who are 90-years or older.

Members who are 90-years or older:
Jeanine Ark Margaret Chong Nancy Lau Rosaline Seu Kenneth Yee
Jane Bacon Jennie In Richard Lau Nancy Soohoo Loretta Yee
Betty Chang Beatrice Ing Doris Lee Shirley Tuthill Wai Chee Yee
Norman Chang Monroe Jong Muriel Lee Phyllis Valentine Wilbur Yee
Muriel Char Harold Jow Bette Lum Dora Wong Michael Young
William Chee Daniel Lau Dorothy Lum Jean Wong Sylvia Young
Alice Ching Evelyn Lau Pearl Ma Sadie Wong Lily Yue
Ruth Ching George Lau George Mow Wellington Wong Lily Yuen
Mabel Chock Helen Lau Grace Mow Alma Yee  
Winifred Chock Mabel Lau Amy Pang Florence Yee  

Ohana Family Members Recognized at the Celebration:
Wilma Ching (Aunt of Mike Jeong)
Daisy Chun (Sister of Mary Jung and Loretta Hom)
Robert Emerson (Stepfather of Dwight Ovitt who just made 100-years old)
James Morihara (Husband of Pauline Chun)
Mildred Tai (Twin sister of Jane Bacon)
Richard Tom (Husband of Vicky Tom)

100th Anniversary Events in May
  • Annual Church Memorial Day Picnic after service on Sunday, May 24. The cost is $5 in advance and $6 on the day of the picnic. 5 and under are free. Sign-up during the Aloha Hour.
  • We will begin table sign-up on Sunday, May 24, during Aloha Hour for our 100th Anniversary Celebration Banquet on September 12 at the Grand Manoa Ballroom at the Japanese Cultural Center.
100th Anniversary Celebration Special Fund Donations

We would like to thank the following for their contributions to our 100th Anniversary Special Fund in April.

Marie Harada Karen and Lawrence Mun (In Memory of Hazel L. Young)
Phil and Adrienne Mark Wilbur and Loretta Yee

If you would like to make a donation to this fund anytime throughout the celebration year, you can either pick up a donation form from the office or leave a donation in the offering plate. If you use the “Pew Offering Envelopes,” please be sure to designate that your Special Offering is to the “100th Anniversary Celebration Fund.” If you would like to make a special gift for the celebration year, please see Stewardship Chairperson Yvonne Nakata.

Precious Legacies Submission Deadline Is Approaching

The Precious Legacies Project encourages members and friends of the church to contribute photos, drawings, essays, stories, news clippings, and other print material of special thoughts or memories of an event significant in the life of our contributor as it relates to the church’s history. If you are able to submit your contribution electronically, that would be much appreciated. Send your contributions to our church secretary Eli at secretary@uccjudd.org. A final compilation of contributions will be produced and distributed at the end of the celebration year. The deadline for submitting a contribution for this project will be at the end of July.

This month’s Precious Legacies contribution is from Lori Bacon. Lori did a quick weekend fly-in-and-out from Sacramento for a 90th birthday celebration for mom Jane Bacon and her mom’s twin sister Aunt Mildred Tai, in mid-April.

Precious Memories by Lori Bacon

Like my mother, Jane (Ho Yee Chun) Bacon before me, and her mother (Wong Shee) before her, I was raised in the church family that long ago migrated from the Beretania Mission to Judd Street.

As children, we loved running through McKenzie Hall with its sparkling chandelier, curved wood stairwell, glass door knobs and wood plank flooring, playing hide-and-go-seek in the basement. There we learned our Bible stories and prayers. Little did I know that those friendships would follow me through life.

Evenings at the Bacon’s was a production line of feeding, bathing, pajamas and prayers. I remember kneeling at my bedside:

“Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake; I pray the Lord my soul to take. God bless Mommy and God bless Daddy and God bless everybody in the who-o-o-le wide world. AMEN!”

If I were particularly feisty, I’d recite the entire Chun Clan family tree - in familial groups and birth order. Then I’d crawled beneath my red and white Hawaiian quilt and sleep - feeling satisfied and ever so safe in God’s love.

Lori has a blog http://lorinzmuze.blogspot.com which you can access through the internet and read other interesting stories and articles.

On the upper left is a photo of Lori from her blog site. On the left is a photo of mom Jane from an earlier blog entry. Note the designer sunglasses on both mom and daughter.