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PRECIOUS LEGACIES: 21 Years of Penny Carnival Memories

Background: In 1948, the church purchased a property that was formerly the McInerny Estates on the corner of Judd and Bachelot Streets and moved from the Chinatown area to the Liliha/Nuuanu area. On this property was a large two-story mansion with a huge basement area. This basement area was the perfect site for the annual Halloween Haunted House where the older youth “spooked” the young children of the church. There was no such thing as “Spook Abuse” in those days. Eventually, the old mansion was demolished and replaced with the current MacKenzie Memorial Hall.

The youth of the church came up with the idea of a Penny Carnival to provide a safe fun alternative to young children instead of walking the neighborhood to go trick-or-treating to replace the Halloween Haunted House activity. All were invited to participate—family members, preschoolers from the Pali Preschool on the church campus, and kids from the neighborhood. The Penny Carnival included games, food, and lots of fun for children and parents. For a few pennies to play the games, every child went home a winner with numerous prizes and goodies. Every year, all of the pennies and other funds collected from food sales have been donated to a designated community charity organization. This year will be the 21st Anniversary of the Penny Carnival at UCC-Judd and the beneficiary will be Lanakila Elementary School.

Corinne Chu’s Special Penny Carnival CHILI Recipe
(and for other large group events)

For many many years*, Mrs. Corinne Chu would come in early on Penny Carnival Day and with the assistance of her family members and other volunteers would cook her outstanding chili for the many workers and the children and families who attended the Penny Carnival. Her chili is far superior to the "Z-Brand Chili." See Mrs. Chu's “special chili” recipe for a large crowd below. If you don't need to serve a hundred or more, Mrs. Chu shares her recipe in a "slimmed down" version for a smaller party in our 100th Anniversary Cookbook. The cookbook with more than 400 recipes from over a hundred contributors will be available in November.

*No one can recall if Mrs. Chu’s chili was served at the first Penny Carnival, but we all now we have been enjoying her chili for a very long time.

5 lbs. hamburger 5 carrots (grated)
½ lb. bacon (sliced) 1 gal. can diced tomatoes
1 c. chili powder, more if needed 1 gal. can corn niblets
½ c. cumin powder 1 gal. can kidney beans
2 T. paprika 1 T. black pepper
Salt 1 lg. can tomato sauce
6 bay leaves 1 lg. can tomato soup
5 large round onions (diced) 1 lg. can tomato paste
5 green bell peppers (diced) brown sugar

Heat large wok in MacKenzie kitchen; add diced bacon, then add hamburger. Add seasonings, saving brown sugar for last. Add vegetables, canned corn, kidney beans and diced tomatoes. Add water if you find there is not enough liquid. Cook until vegetables are tender. Add tomato sauce, tomato soup, and tomato paste. Adjust your seasonings to your taste. Finally, add brown sugar to your taste.

Halloween Haunted House
by Eden Lee

The MacKenzie Hall basement was a perfect Spooky Place. Dark, pitch black, the untouchable spaghetti. EEK!

The endless counting of pennies. For awhile, there was no end.

“Who are You?”
by Donna Wong

Everyone wants to be a clown! “Who are you?” It's the Ewok from Star Wars, Princess Leia, Nemo, Snow White, Michaelangelo (the ninja turtle), Transformers, Strawberry Sundae, Raggetty Ann and a Ty Beanie Mouse. It's always a treat to see who comes to visit our Penny Carnival.

On Halloween nite, the Penny Carnival, an alternative to trick or treating was created by the youth group as a community service to create a safe haven for the kids. Halloween, for my two children, Tim and Christie, as well as their friends, was spent every year at UCC's Penny Carnival. Instead of the usual door to door candy treats, we helped at church to raise funds for some needy charity.

Months prior to this, the props for the game backdrops were created getting down on our hands and knees painting by hand, sponges or brushes. It took a lot of work but the kids enjoyed getting dirty drawing and splashing paint on many themed cardboard refrigerator boxes for dum dums (the candy), water ducky dunking, coin tosses, fish pond and other games.

Everyone helped from counting pennies to preparing workers meals, setting up the various tables of food for sale, white elephant sale, guessing the number of items in the bottles, etc.

Where else could you receive live aquarium fish, stuffed animals, candy, drinks, assorted prizes for only pennies? At the end of the night, all the kids would scramble and count their tickets to select prizes of their choice. It's nice to see all the smiling faces not only of the children but adults as well getting a haul of goods. In exchange, it would benefit the charity of choice for that year.

Who knew this would be a successful event that has lasted so long? Come join in the festivities. As long as there are kids, UCC-Judd presents the 21st Penny Carnival, another memorable charity event for the all children.

When I was an older kid...

Before MacKenzie Manor was torn down, we had fun creating a haunted house for the kids to enjoy going through the second floor into all the various rooms. Including Larry's guard bulldog in the basement, we had so much fun getting ready to give a thrilling scare to the kids. One year, Donna Chu and I dressed as scary ghosts with the entire makeup with blood on our faces and blackened eyes including long black wiry hair wigs. We wore the white sheets as dresses. Waiting so still in the front porch, no one recognized us which made it even better. We had a blast!

Penny Carnival Memories
by Maddie Young

I remember the very first Penny Carnival was a project by the youth. It was felt that our children needed a safe environment to spend “Trick-or-Treat” night and to invite the neighboring community to our church. Back then, many of us felt the need to support our youth because they will be the future leaders of the church. And members responded. We had many volunteers (our Aunties and Uncles and Grandmas and Grandpas) who handled the meals for our workers, sold donated baked goods, and also sold meals to those attending (dinner hour). Our younger volunteers manned the game booths and took charge of the “redeeming scripts” table. We had volunteers who stayed later to count and roll all the pennies that we received through the sales and the games. Several of us manned the “money change” table. It was overcrowded with youngsters and parents in the “hot” Parish Hall. But it was fun for all! There were smiles everywhere when the youngsters earned scripts to redeem for toys! It is hard to believe that Penny Carnival will be celebrating its 21st Anniversary! Best wishes and we look forward to many more years! GOOD JOB Youth and Leaders!!!

Penny Carnival Memories over the Years
by Wendy Mow-Taira

I remember having a friend of Richard Young set up a surfing on land machine in the courtyard between MacKenzie Hall's Admin building and the classrooms. It was hilarious watching people trying to keep their balance on the darn thing. We also have such ono things for sale, spam musubi, cookies and brownies are regular fare. However, one year, the Smith children's mom made pizzelles. These are like really thin wafers and they were super good. We sold out of them really quickly!

We also had some interesting costumes come through: 3 princesses, a two legged cow complete with a set of teats, an construction engineer, a lady bug, a mom dressed up as a football player, a minister, and all sorts of aliens, ninjas and even a scarecrow or two. We have also had different volunteers: youth from First Chinese Church of Christ (who created a unique way of collecting money from the penny toss game), the Chuukese youth, and the Chinese EGF youth from First Chinese Church of Christ (who did the toss the ball into the jar and win a real live fish!) There is always new games and some of the seasoned games as well. I look forward to this year's Penny Carnival theme: CIRCUS!!!

Our Penny Carnival Scarecrow Goes to the Ward Centre
by Edison Chong

A few years back, the Ward Centre held a Halloween “Scarecrow Contest” in the parking lot across from the Ward Theaters. (They are now building a condo on this parking lot). Community groups were invited to enter the contest creating scarecrows for different categories. UCC-Judd’s scarecrow was a “happy friendly scarecrow” that was not scary at all. I recall that when I went to visit “our scarecrow,” Randy and Ann Reynoso were there also putting in a few votes for our scarecrow. Unfortunately, our scarecrow never made it back to the Penny Carnival, but it had the opportunity to see thousands of smiling faces who came by to enjoy the scarecrow garden. Our scarecrow didn’t win, but the youth did receive a nice complimentary prize.

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