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Remembering That Day and the Years That Followed
“This is the day the Lord has made,
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
Psalm 118:24

The day was Easter Sunday, March 28, 1948. God gave me that day and I have reason to “rejoice and be glad in it.” Remembering and looking back, I can truly say that it was a day for rejoicing and I have been glad ever since. It was the beginning of a whole new life which led to unimaginable possibilities. It was the day I was baptized by the Emeritus Rev. Harold Jow at the old Beretania Church of Christ. In 1948, the Church was in its infancy, only 33 years old, and is now celebrating her 100th Anniversary. Little did I realize that being baptized and becoming a member of a church meant that I would no longer be alone, that God would always be by my side, that I would always be among my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I would have a Pastor to lead me. Acquiring all these new enduring relationships has truly enriched my life in many ways.

Our Church is blessed with a long and rich history of accomplishments and I, along with others, are appreciative and fully aware that all of this has been made possible only because of the hopes, dreams, planning, talents, sacrifices and support of the members that preceded us. Being a member for so many years has enabled me to experience and participate in a myriad of memorable activities that would take forever to enumerate. Recalling important and outstanding events brings to mind our first and one-of-a kind luau 58 years ago. It was originally held under a large tent and now has been replaced with “take out” orders numbering an unbelievable thousands. My sister, Irene Wong, and I took on the responsibility of the decorations for that first event which meant decorating the stage, the many tables, and the numerous poles that supported the extra-large tent. It was more than we expected. We were also assigned to our own tables to serve as hostesses to ensure that our guests would be amply fed and treated royally. We continued to serve as table hostess year after year until the sit-down luaus ended.

My enjoyment of being a member involved participating in different activities, such as being Board Secretary when Daniel Lau was Chairman, also chairing an ad hoc committee named Social Issues, formed by Emeritus Rev. Harold Jow, to get the Church family to recognize and involved with timely local, and national issues . A significant contribution of this committee at that time was the establishment of a Food and Clothing Commissary at McKenzie Hall under the auspices of the Chinese Christian Association. The commissary served a large number of refugee families with food and clothing over an extended period. Serving on the Membership Committee for many years was enjoyable and helped me to realize the importance of each and every member and to also appreciate their contributions of services, talent and support to the Church. Other activities that I recall centered on our 50th and 70th anniversaries. Prior to our 50th Golden Jubilee in 1965, small adult groups were formed to assist members to study, share concerns and to grow as mature Christians. Being a member of one of these groups, we met weekly at May and Art Look’s home and it was this group that eventually became the planning committee for our 50th Anniversary. The outstanding event climaxing that year’s many activities was the fabulous, festive Golden Jubilee banquet that was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Long House chaired by capable Soo Yong Huang. The evening’s program was a dramatic extravaganza by members exhibiting their various talents. I’m sure that those that participated can still recall this event.

Twenty years later in 1985, our church celebrated her 70th Anniversary, chaired by Ed Fong, which had several important major events. I clearly recall them because I was involved in the planning as a committee member and also participated in some of the events. The first event was the Arts and Crafts Fair in spring which Eleanor Lee and I co-chaired. The exhibit was set up on the second floor of the Administration Classroom building and opened to the public. Noted local artist Hon Chew Hee was featured and he showed some of his widely known serigraphs. Other featured art works included ceramics by May Chee and photographs by Eric Lum and Randy Chau. There was also a demonstration of kite making by Richard Ching and a display of my Bonsai. More than 40 of our church members participated and it was an opportunity for them to display their hobbies and hidden talents. One of the interesting articles on display was Karen Mun’s unique egg shell mosaic which she later received an award at our 50th State Convention An added attraction to the fair was a 16-page color booklet documenting the 15 major works of art at our Church which was passed out to our church members and visitors attending the fair. Acknowledgement is made to Wai Chee Yee for her responsibilities in researching and compiling the historical background and details of each work of art. Creating “banners” was also one of the colorful activities of the 70th Anniversary. It involved eight of our church groups expressing their love and devotion to God by creating a banner. I, along with the other banner makers were required to attend a special work shop conducted by Karen Mun to learn the fine techniques of banner making. Each banner was prominently displayed and officially presented to the Church family during consecutive Sunday morning worship services.

Joining various study and fellowship groups was fulfilling and an ongoing activity throughout the years. Attending various Bible study classes was also a learning and spiritual rewarding activity. The weekly Bible class held at hospitable Muriel Char’s home was special in many ways. We met for many years in her open air patio surrounded by an array of her numerous unusual plants. It was “special” because it was shepherded by our one and only Ginny Lum who kept us on our toes with her leading questions and many interesting anecdotes from the Bible. Enjoying special homemade goodies after class was also another enticing reason for attending class and I will always remember Choi Yuk Wong’s Black Sesame Seed pudding, a reminder of our cultural delicacies. Another activity which I also enjoyed for many years was our “out reach ministry” at Maluhia Hospital. We met weekly and were a very close knit group. We encouraged the patients to sing, pray, exercise, enjoy excursions, reminisce, and talk about their past. Bringing joy and the love of the Lord to others was fulfilling and gave us reason to “rejoice and be glad.” My planting of one of the four Memorial Olive trees below the Pastor’s study in memory of my parents Emma and Henry Chang Chow is also a memorable event that remains with me as a reminder of my loving family.

In retrospect, I cannot over emphasize the importance of “that” day God made when I became a “member,” and for which I am and shall be forever grateful.

Beatrice C. Ing
Precious Legacies Submission Deadline Is Approaching

The Precious Legacies Project encourages members and friends of the church to contribute photos, drawings, essays, stories, news clippings, and other print material of special thoughts or memories of an event significant in the life of our contributor as it relates to the church’s history. If you are able to submit your contribution electronically, that would be much appreciated. Send your contributions to our church secretary Eli at secretary@uccjudd.org. A final compilation of contributions will be produced and distributed at the end of the celebration year. The deadline for submitting a contribution for this project will be at the end of July.

This month’s Precious Legacies contribution is from Lori Bacon. Lori did a quick weekend fly-in-and-out from Sacramento for a 90th birthday celebration for mom Jane Bacon and her mom’s twin sister Aunt Mildred Tai, in mid-April.

Precious Memories by Lori Bacon

Like my mother, Jane (Ho Yee Chun) Bacon before me, and her mother (Wong Shee) before her, I was raised in the church family that long ago migrated from the Beretania Mission to Judd Street.

As children, we loved running through McKenzie Hall with its sparkling chandelier, curved wood stairwell, glass door knobs and wood plank flooring, playing hide-and-go-seek in the basement. There we learned our Bible stories and prayers. Little did I know that those friendships would follow me through life.

Evenings at the Bacon’s was a production line of feeding, bathing, pajamas and prayers. I remember kneeling at my bedside:

“Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake; I pray the Lord my soul to take. God bless Mommy and God bless Daddy and God bless everybody in the who-o-o-le wide world. AMEN!”

If I were particularly feisty, I’d recite the entire Chun Clan family tree - in familial groups and birth order. Then I’d crawled beneath my red and white Hawaiian quilt and sleep - feeling satisfied and ever so safe in God’s love.

Lori has a blog http://lorinzmuze.blogspot.com which you can access through the internet and read other interesting stories and articles.

On the upper left is a photo of Lori from her blog site. On the left is a photo of mom Jane from an earlier blog entry. Note the designer sunglasses on both mom and daughter.